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How to Make Death Ceremony Invitation Card

Using our online tool is very fairly simple, just click on an element that you want to change.

  1. Step1: Add the Name of demised person, you can do this by clicking on the default name "James Smith".
  2. Step2: Upload a picture of demised person. Photo guidelines: 330×360 pixels.
  3. Step3: Similarly Add time, place and contact details.
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Lamenting the death of your family member is the toughest thing anyone has to face. But, rituals are beyond your conventional duties which need to be met. Of course, these are unforeseen events that can occur anytime, and informing people or inviting them for cremation rights can be chaotic in such conditions. This calls for the digitized funeral invitation card because it will be easier to send to all the invitees. Indeed, the purpose of the funeral invitation cards is to inform your friends and relatives about the tragic incident occurring in the family. By sending the invitation, you will be able to inform people on time, and they can come to pay their last homage. These can be designed effectively using free templates.

Usefulness and Convenience of Digital Funeral Invitations:

Obviously, everyone knows that people facing a death in the family will not be in the right state of mind to create a funeral invitation card. In this matter, you can create a meaningful invitation card with the help of a designer template. It tends to bear the details of the deceased person and the entire funeral program. The usefulness and convenience of such an invitation lie in its quick distribution through social media and WhatsApp. Along with this, it saves you time because you might not be able to get the time to invite everyone individually.

What Invitation Cards Can be Made using this Free Invitation Maker

With numerous rituals involved in performing the last rights, taking help from the funeral invitation card maker is the right decision. They are professional designers, adept at creating an excellent funeral card that bears all the necessary details. These cards are meant to help the invitees reach the funeral home at the right time and attend the follow-up programs.

  1. Hindu Death Ceremony Invitation Card: Ideally, the Hindu death ceremony has numerous aspects to be covered in the ritual including pre-funeral rituals at home, cremation, and post-ritual feast. The Hindu death ceremony invitation card template free will allow you to fill in the necessary details and get assistance from the expert to fine-tune the entire design as per your requirements. By sending the digital card, you will be able to inform your relatives in much less time.
  2. Barsi (Punyatithi) Shradh Invitation Card: When it comes to the matter of inviting relatives on your family member’s death anniversary, crafting a Barsi (Punyatithi) Shradh invitation card is the ideal choice. These sorts of cards will have the details of the venue where the Path is kept and the feast after the path is organized. Along with this, the complete details of the family members, remembrance messages for the deceased, and proper timings are mentioned. This will help the invitees to reach on time.
  3. Burial Invitation Card: Besides the Hindu death ceremony and Barsi invitation cards, the burial invitation card is another form of funeral invitation card. These forms of cards are sent to relatives in Muslim and Christian religions. Ideally, these cards consist of the details about the deceased person, the address of the burial ground, and the venue of the follow-up feast. Such cards can be designed with the help of expert professionals, who use the right color combination and put the elements with proper details.
  4. Service Invitation: Honoring the life of your deceased loved ones through memorial service invitation cards is the perfect decision. These services are enabled to help you relive the sweet memories of your family members or deceased friends amongst relatives. In this regard, you can get help from a professional expert or find free templates online. The idea of doing so is to bring a smile to the faces of others through the most cherished memories.
  5. Death Invitation Card: In moments of grief and sorrow, a death invitation card is the first formal way to announce the news of the passing of loved ones, the card must not be too glittery and have a clear font. The card must include a descriptive name, picture of the deceased, place and date of death, location of cremation, and funeral preceding.
  6. Rasam Pagri Card: The ritual signifies the process of passing on the roles and responsibilities of the demised to his family members. Rasam Pagri Card is sent to family members, friends, and relatives to let them know the details of the location, date, and participate in the ritual.
  7. Prayer Meeting Invitation: The card is a way to spread the message to the known ones to gather and provide their condolences for the demise, and support to the family members.
  8. Death Ceremony Invitation: Death ceremonies vary from culture and religion, in a death ceremony card one should convey the message properly, the purpose of the gathering if any, the Name, the date of demised, and other essential details.
  9. Tervi Invitation: A ceremony that holds utmost importance in the Hindu religion, it is believed that a soul departs the body on this day. Tervi is celebrated on the 13th day after a person is demised, Invitation card is sent to knowns to attend and give their condolences to the demised.
  10. Shok Sandesh Template: Shok Sandesh Invite Card announces the name of the demised, it is sent to all the family members, friends, relatives, and other known persons, The card includes the name and picture of the demised, further invitation to attend the rituals and proceedings of the funeral.
  11. Bhog Invitation Card: The invitation is sent to all the known ones of the demised, to let close ones know about the place and timing of the communal meal. The Bhog Invitation Card must include details of the place, date, and time of the Bhog.
  12. Antim Ardas Card: Antim Ardas Ceremony is a Final Prayer in Sikh tradition, to offer a final prayer to the departed soul. The card is a means to invite all the known ones to attend the Antim Ardas Ceremony, the card respectfully invites attendees to pay final respects to the departed soul.
  13. Pedda Karma Invitation: The Pedda Karma ceremony is a ritual of some South Indian communities, like the Antim Ardas ceremony in sikh. The card is written respectfully to invite known ones to attend the ceremony, to honor the deceased, and to seek blessing.
  14. Celebrating Life Invitation
  15. 11-Day Death Ceremony Invitation: observed in many cultures, the 11-day death ceremony is a ritual in the mourning process, the card serves as a gentle reminder to the close ones to continue to offer their blessings.
  16. Vaikunta Samaradhane Invitation: Vaikunta Samaradhane is a Hindu tradition, to honor the departed soul. It is believed by doing such practice the demised will elevate from the process of birth and rebirth. Vaikunta Samaradhane Invitation card is sent to people to invite close ones to join in prayers and rituals. The ritual guides the soul towards eternal peace.
  17. Funeral Announcement Cards
  18. With an array of funeral invitation cards suited to the occasion or notes about celebrating life invitation, or even to revoke sweet memories available online, sending these as digital invites is excellent because of time shortage. Everyone is busy in their lives and such sudden mishaps can make things go haywire. Of course, these digital funeral cards are the best bet to save you a lot of hassle from going to distant places for informing relatives or sending different messages to them on an individual basis.