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Silver Threads Among the Bold

A dragon screamed directly above F’lar.

Even as he glanced upward to identify the wounded beast, both dragon and rider had gone between where the awful cold would shatter and break the entangling Threads before they could eat into membrane and esh.

Mnementh gave him just enough warning to secure his hold as the great bronze veered suddenly toward a dense clump. The stench of the ery breath all but choked F’lar. He ung up an arm to protect his face from the hot charred ecks of Thread.

Then Mnementh was turning his head for another block of restone before swooping again at dizzying speed.

This Thread falls wrong, he warned …

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Title Page




I Morning at Mastercrafthall, Fort Hold / Several Afternoons

Later at Benden Weyr / Midmorning (Telgar Time) at

Mastersmithcrafthall, Telgar Hold

II Evening (Fort Weyr Time): Meeting of the Weyrleaders at Fort


III Morning over Lemos Hold

IV Midday at Southern Weyr

V Midmorning at Ruatha Hold / Early Evening at Benden Weyr

VI Midmorning at Southern Weyr / Early Morning at Nabol Hold:

Next Day

VII Midmorning at Benden Weyr / Early Morning at the

Mastersmith’s Crafthall in Telgar Hold

VIII Midmorning at Southern Weyr

IX Afternoon at Southern Weyr: Same Day

X Early Morning in Harpercrafthall at Fort Hold / Afternoon at

Telgar Hold

XI Early Morning at Benden Weyr

XII Morning at Benden Weyr / Predawn at High Reaches Weyr

XIII Night at Fort Weyr: Six Days Later

XIV Early Morning at Ruatha Hold / Midday at Benden Weyr

XV Evening at Benden Weyr: Impression Banquet

XVI Evening at Benden Weyr / Later Evening at Fort Weyr



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Rukbat, in the Sagittarian Sector, was a golden G-type star. It had ve planets, two asteroid belts, and a stray planet it had attracted and held in recent millennia. When men rst settled on Rukbat’s third world and called it Pern, they had taken little notice of the stranger planet, swinging around its adopted primary in a wildly erratic elliptical orbit. For two generations, the colonists gave the bright red star little thought—until the desperate path of the wanderer brought it close to its stepsister at perihelion.

When such aspects were harmonious and not distorted by conjunctions with other planets in the system, the indigenous life of the wanderer sought to bridge the space gap to the more temperate and hospitable planet.

The initial losses the colonists su ered were staggering, and it was during the subsequent long struggle to survive and combat this menace dropping through Pern’s skies like silver threads that Pern’s tenuous contact with the mother planet was broken.

To control the incursions of the dreadful Threads (for the Pernese had cannibalized their transport ships early on and abandoned such technological sophistication as was irrelevant to this pastoral planet), the resourceful men embarked on a long-term plan. The rst phase involved breeding a highly specialized variety of a life-form indigenous to their new world. Men and women with high empathy ratings and some innate telepathic ability were trained to use and preserve these unusual animals. The “dragons” (named for the mythical Terran beast they resembled) had two extremely useful characteristics: they could get from one place to another instantly and, after chewing a phosphine-bearing rock, they could emit a aming gas. As the dragons could y, they’d be able to char Thread mid-air, yet escape its worst ravages themselves. It took generations to develop to the full the use of this rst phase. The second phase of the proposed defense against the spore incursions would take longer to mature. For Thread, a space-traveling mycorrhizoid spore, devoured organic matter with mindless voracity and, once grounded, burrowed and proliferated with terrifying speed.

The originators of the two-stage defense program did not compensate su ciently for chance nor for the psychological e ect of visible extermination of this avid foe. For it was psychologically reassuring and deeply satisfying to the endangered Pernese to see the menace charred to impotence in mid-air. Also, the southern continent, where the second phase was initiated, proved untenable and the entire colony was moved to the northern continent to seek refuge from the Threads in the natural caves of the northern mountain ranges. The signi cance of the southern hemisphere lost meaning in the immediate struggle to establish new settlements in the north. Recollections of Earth receded further from Pernese history with each successive generation until memory of their origins degenerated past legend or myth and into oblivion.

The original Fort constructed in the eastern face of the great West Mountain range soon grew too small to hold the colonists. Another settlement was started slightly to the north, by a great lake conveniently nestled near a cave- lled cli . Ruatha Hold, too, became overcrowded in a few generations.

Since the Red Star rose in the East, it was decided to start a holding in the eastern mountains, provided suitable accommodations could be found.

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