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Star Wars: Allegiance is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

2008 Del Rey Books Mass Market Edition

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In memory of Katie,

and for her sisters Allie and Emily,

for their love and courage and strength.


The idea for the Hand of Judgment came out of a casual conversation with 501st Legion founder Albin Johnson at StellarCon in March 2004. Though his original idea was different from that which I eventually used, it was a conversation that got the creative spark going.

Often a writer’s mind functions like a giant food processor, taking in thoughts and ideas from everywhere and then mixing and matching the pieces until something new (or at least unrecognizable) emerges. On the rare occasions when we’re actually able to trace something directly to its source, it’s only right we acknowledge it.

Thanks, Albin.



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BARSHNIS CHOARD; governor, Shelsha sector (human male)

CAALDRA; mercenary (human male)

CARLIST RIEEKAN; general, Rebel Alliance (human male)

CAV’SARAN; patroller chief of Janusar on Ranklinge (human male)

CHEWBACCA; copilot, Millennium Falcon (Wookiee male)

DARIC LARONE; stormtrooper

DARTH VADER; Dark Lord of the Sith

HAN SOLO; captain, Millennium Falcon (human male)

JOAK QUILLER; stormtrooper pilot

KENDAL OZZEL; captain, Imperial Star Destroyer Reprisal (human male)

KORLO BRIGHTWATER; scout stormtrooper

LEIA ORGANA; Princess and Rebel (human female)

LUKE SKYWALKER; Jedi and Rebel (human male)

MARA JADE; Emperor’s Hand (human female)

MON MOTHMA; Supreme Commander, Rebel Alliance (human female)

PALPATINE; Emperor, Galactic Empire (human male)

SABERAN MARCROSS; stormtrooper

SHAKKO; captain, pirate ship Cavalcade (human male)

TANNIS; pilot, pirate ship Cavalcade (human male)

TAXTRO GRAVE; stormtrooper sharpshooter

THILLIS SLANNI; director of planning for Shining Hope (Ishi Tib male)

VAK SOMORIL; senior officer, Imperial Security Bureau (human male)

VILIM DISRA; chief administrator, Shelsha sector (human male)

YDOR VOKKOLI; head of Freedonna Kaisu (Mungra male)

YEERU CHIVKYRIE; head of Republic Redux (Adarian male)

Chapter One

THE IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER REPRISAL SLIPPED silently through the blackness of space, preparing itself for action against the Rebel forces threatening to tear the galaxy apart.

Standing on the command walkway, his hands clasped behind him, Captain Kendal Ozzel gazed out at the planet Teardrop directly ahead, a mixture of anticipation and dark brooding swirling through him. As far as he was concerned the entire planet was a snake pit, crawling with smugglers, third-rate pirate gangs, and other dregs of society. If he’d been in command of the Death Star instead of that idiot Tarkin, he mused, he would have picked someplace like Teardrop instead of Alderaan for the weapon’s first serious field test.

But he hadn’t been in charge; and now both Tarkin and the Death Star were gone, blown to shrapnel off Yavin 4. In a single, awful moment the Rebel Alliance had morphed from a minor nuisance to a bitter enemy.

And Imperial Center had responded. Less than three days ago the word had come down to show no mercy to either the Rebels or their sympathizers.

Not that Ozzel would have shown any mercy at any rate. Eliminating Rebels, and Rebel sympathizers, had become the best and fastest way to success in the Imperial fleet. Perhaps all the way to an admiral’s rank bars. “Status?” he called behind him.

“Forty-seven standard minutes to orbit, sir,” the navigation officer called from the crew pits.

Ozzel nodded. “Keep a sharp watch,” he ordered. “No one gets off that planet.

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