While the Clock Ticked | Chapter 7 of 26 - Part: 1 of 4

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after eight o'clock that night the Hardy boys got their roadster out of the garage. Darkness had not yet fallen, and as the boys did not want to reach the Purdy Estate while it was still light they decided to drive around the city for about an hour.

They had scarcely reached the corner before they met one of the most disreputable roadsters that had ever bumped its rickety way down the streets of Bayport.

Jerry Gilroy, Tony Prito, and Phil Cohen, three of their chums, were squeezed into the battered hulk, as happy as if the car had come directly from the Automobile Show.

·'Just going to call for you," yelled Jerry as the roadster limped to a halt with a squeal of brakes. "We're all going up to Chet Morton's to a party. Come along."

The Hardy boys looked dubiously at each other. The party would probably interfere with their proposed visit to the Purdy place, but they could i>ot very well refuse Jerry.


38 While the Clock Ticked

"We-we've something else on just now," faltered Joe.

"What's more important than a party?'*, asked Phil Cohen. "Don't back down, now. Chet said we were to call for you."

"It wasn't Chet," reminded Tony Prito. "It was lola Morton. She said to be sure to bring Joe Hardy with us. Didn't she?"

Joe blushed. His admiration for lola Morton, Chet's sister, was no secret to the others.

"And here," shouted Jerry, "is Callie Shaw walking down the street. Hey, Callie! Yoo-hoo. Callie!"

Callie Shaw, a pretty, brown-eyed girl of sixteen, turned in surprise when she heard th«J joyous shouts. She waved to them and cama over to the car.

"Hello, Frank," she greeted. "Hello, boys! What's all the uproar about?"

"Party!" explained Jerry. "We're all going up to Morton's for a party. Frank was told to bring you along but he's too shy to ask. Climb into his car."

Callie's eyes danced mischievously as shQ looked at Frank.

"Maybe some of the other boys will ask me," she said demurely.

"Sure!" they roared in chorus. "Climb in, Callie! We'll take you to the party. We get all your dances, don't we?"

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Frank quickly swung the door open.

"I didn't hear about the party until this minute, Gallic," he said. "I'd have been camping on your doorstep at six o'clock if I had known."

"I was going on an errand for my aunt,", she explained as she got into the car amid the cheers of the boys. "Drop me off at Mrs. Nelson's place, if you don't mind. I really should go home and get dressed up."

They started off. Callie's errand was soon completed and they overtook Jerry's broken-down roadster within a few blocks. The two cars went on down the main street of Bayport. Finally, on a street car track, Jerry's roadster stopped dead.

"That would happen!" he muttered, as he got out to crank it.

Frank halted his car to render advice. An oncoming street car stopped with a loud clanging of its bell. Motorists emerging from the intersecting street honked their horns.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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