While the Clock Ticked | Chapter 21 of 26 - Part: 1 of 4

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then, for the first time, the boys saw that there was a telephone on a table in one corner of the room.

Their captor picked up the instrument. In a moment he was speaking to the operator, asking for a number in Lakeside.

While he was waiting for the call to be put through he turned to the Hardy boys.

"Now," he said, "you will hear something very clever. Little does Dalrymple know what is in store for him."

After a while the boys heard a voice from the receiver. It was so clear and distinct that they recognized it as Dalrymple's loud voise, saying: "Hello! Hello! Who's this?"

The madman grinned. Then he said calmly s,

"Mr. Dalrymple? This is Frank Hardy speaking."

The Hardy boys were rigid with surprises The madman had imitated Frank's voice r»er-fectly'


178 While the Clock Ticked

That the deception fooled Mr. Dalrympla .Was evident.

They heard the banker's reply:

"Yes? Frank Hardy? You were looking for toe today, weren't you? I was out of town. What's the trouble?"

"No trouble at all, Mr. Dalrymple," said the lunatic, still imitating Frank's voice. "In fact, we've good news."

Mr. Dalrymple's answer was indistinguishable.

"Yes, good news. We have solved the mystery. We have cleared it all up."

"Good! What have you learned?"

"We need you here," said the old man. "We're at the Purdy house. My brother is with me."

"It's late," objected Dalrymple. "Why, it's two o'clock in the morning."

"We need you. Come to the Purdy house af once and you shall learn everything. This is. very urgent."

There was a moment of silence.

Then the boys clearly heard the banker's voice again.

"All right, boys. If you want me, I'll come. I'll be there within half an hour."

"Very well, Mr. Dalrymple," said the madman triumphantly. "You'll find a big surprise *H store for yoi? "

The Face at the Window 179


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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