While the Clock Ticked | Chapter 20 of 26 - Part: 1 of 4

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the Hardy boys stared in horror at the oW man. There was a wild light in his eyes.

They had fallen into the hands ot a madman, trapped in this lonely house!

"Is all in readiness!" their captor called out loudly.

He turned and faced the huge clock.

Then, to the amazement of the boys, the door of the clock opened. A man stepped out. He was a beetle-browed, sullen-featured rascal. He was followed by another who, at first glance, appeared to be Mr. Dalrymple himself.

Then the boys saw that the second man was the banker's double, the man whom they had accosted on the street.

The door of the clock swung open, and be yond it they could see a recess in the wall.

The clock, then, was an opening to a secret room.

"Good!" chuckled the old man when tbft pair stepped into the room.


170 While the Clock Ticked

"They don't look quite so lively now, Amos," ahuckled the man who looked like Dalrymple.

"That'll teach 'em to come snooping around where they've no business to be," growled the other.

The old man, who had been addressed as Amos, rubbed his hands together and leered evilly.

"You are ready!" he said to his companions. "You have the equipment and the wiring?"

"All set. Beady to connect."

The old man chuckled again. "Our party is not yet complete," he said . "There is one more to come. But he will be here. The trap is awaiting him."

"Blow the whole place sky-high!" said Dalrymple's double.

"Yes, Jensen! Blow the whole place sky-high," said Amos eagerly. "There is enough high explosive to wipe this house off the face of the earth."

The Hardy boys felt a thrill of horror. That some diabolical plot was in preparation seemed obvious.

"You are wondering, eh?" cackled Amos. "You are wondering what fate is in store for you! Ha! Well, I'll tell you."

He came closer to them, his little eyes shining with cruelty.

"It is death/"

The Fatal Hour 171

Then he broke into a fit of high, cackling laughter, hugging himself with glee.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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