The Lord of Castle Black | Chapter 5 of 7 - Part: 1 of 106

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long enough for the Dragon and the Tiassa to assume their guard positions and

engage those who were about to attack them.

Of them, Kytraan struck first, at once giving his opponent a good cut on her

sword arm, causing her to drop her sword and retire from the contest in confusion.

Piro took a defensive posture and received the attack with good style, first parrying a

cut for his shoulder, then leaning back to avoid a cut for his head, and then slipping

sideways away from a thrust at his chest, after which, his enemy being slightly

off-balance, he gave this worthy a thrust through the upper part of his thigh which

left him stretched out on the ground unable to rise, and which forced him to

surrender his sword, declaring himself beaten.

Another of the brigands, disentangling himself from the others at the base of the

rope, attempted to rise, but was met unexpectedly by a heavy, cast-iron object in the

form of a cooking pot, wielding by Lar's strong right arm; after receiving this, the

bandit exercised the only option then available to him: he fell like a dead mass.

Tazendra stepped forward, looking for another—but this was too much for the

brigands. One of them, a man named Grassfog, ran past Zerika into the cave, only to

emerge a moment later, hands raised in token of surrender. Two or three others

dropped their weapons and declared themselves unwilling to continue the contest.

The remainder ran, picking the direction away from Tazendra and her greatsword,

running to the southeast, leaving, in all, five uninjured prisoners to have their

weapons collected, these being, in addition to Grassfog, a woman named Iatha, a

woman named Thong, a man named Ritt, and a man called Belly, named for a rather

remarkable paunch that he had developed from living a sedentary life and in eating,

as his friends said, "Like an Easterner."

It is worth asking why Tazendra had not, in this battle, used the remarkable

powers she had been developing under the tutelage of Sethra Lavode. Alas, we

cannot answer this for certain. It is possible that it was her innate sense of fair play


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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