The Lord of Castle Black | Chapter 3 of 7 - Part: 1 of 8

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The Lord of Castle Black

Describing Certain Events Which Occurred

Between the 247th Year of the Interregnum

And the 1st Year of the Reign

of Empress Zerika the First

Submitted to the Imperial Library By Springsign Manor

House of the Hawk

On this 5 day the Month of the Athyra

Of the Year of the Vallista

Of the Turn of the Jhereg

Of the Phase of the Phoenix

Of the Reign of the Dragon

In the Cycle of the Phoenix

In the Great Cycle of the Dragon

Or, in the 179 Year

Of the Glorious Reign

Of the Empress Norathar the Second

By Sir Paarfi of Roundwood

House of the Hawk

(His Arms, Seal, Lineage Block)

Presented, as Always,

To Marchioness Poorborn

With Gratitude and Affection

Cast of Characters

Blackchapel and Castle Black

Morrolan—An Apprentice witch


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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