Sword Art Online 1: Aincrad | Chapter 45 of 57 - Part: 1 of 4

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The float sitting on the surface of the lake didn’t even twitch. The more I watched the gentle light reflect off the still surface, the sleepier I felt.

I yawned wide and pulled in the rod. The only thing at the end of the line was a sad silver hook. No sign of the bait that I’d placed on it.

We’d been living on the twenty-second floor for ten days. I’d removed my Two-Handed Sword skill from its slot—I hadn’t touched it since a long-past period of experimentation—and set Fishing in its place to catch our food. So much for being an angler and living off the land: I’d barely caught a thing. My proficiency was more than 600, so while I wouldn’t be catching any whopping tuna, you’d figure something would bite. Instead, I watched the pail of bait I’d bought at the village slowly run empty.

“This is a waste of time,” I muttered, tossing the rod aside and rolling over. The breeze off the lake was chilly, but the thick overcoat Asuna knitted me with her Tailoring skill was nice and warm. She was working on her skill just as I was, so it wasn’t up to store-bought quality, but it got the job done.

It was the Month of Cypress in Aincrad, November in the real world. Winter was close at hand, but the season shouldn’t have an effect on fishing here. I supposed that I’d used up all my luck snagging my lovely wife.

I rolled over, unable to hide the shameless grin this train of thought produced, when I suddenly heard a voice from overhead.

“Are they biting?”

I lurched upward with a start to see a man standing over me.

He was wearing a heavy coat and a cap with earflaps, and he carried a fishing rod, just like me. The real surprise was the man’s age. He had to be in his fifties, at least. The lines of old age were carved into the face behind the wire-rim glasses. It was extremely rare to find such an elderly person in the midst of a game populated by hardcore players. In fact, I’d never seen anyone as old as him. Unless…

“I’m not an NPC,” he said, reading my mind. He made his way down the embankment.

“I-I’m sorry, I was just really surprised…”

“No, I don’t blame you. I’ve got to be the oldest person in this thing, by a long shot.”

He laughed heartily, his solid body shaking. The man sat down next to me and pulled a bait box out of his waistpouch, fumbled with the pop-up menu, and attached the bait to his rod.

“Name’s Nishida. I’m a fisherman here. Before this, I was head of network security for a company called Tohto Broadband. Sorry I can’t give you my card.”

He laughed again.


I had a feeling I knew why he was here. Tohto Broadband was a network management company partnered with Argus. They were responsible for the network lines leading to SAO’s servers.

“My name’s Kirito. I just moved down here from up above. Mr. Nishida, are you…involved in maintaining SAO’s connections…?”

“I was the man in charge of that, yes.” He nodded. I felt conflicted about this. He must have gotten trapped in this world just by doing his job.

“The bosses told me I didn’t actually have to log in, but I’m the type who can’t be satisfied unless I see my work with my own two eyes. Well, I sure paid a price for that one.”

He laughed again and cast his rod with magnificent expertise. This was a man who knew how to fish. Apparently he liked to talk, as he continued without waiting for a response.

“I believe there’s about twenty or thirty other older fellas like me who got caught in something they shouldn’t have. Most of them are biding their time down in that first town, but I just can’t keep myself from a good day of fishing.”

He tugged on the rod.

“I’ve been on the search for good rivers and lakes, and that’s what brought me all the way up here.”

“I see…And there are no monsters on this floor.”

Nishida simply grinned at that statement.

“What’s the word? Are there any good spots up higher?”


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I love anime and it’s for free
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This is the best book Sword Art Online is the most anime watch
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Perfect! I love sword art online
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i mean, sword art online is already a masterpiece, i just want to see the other canon
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