Murder on the Links | Chapter 4 of 4 - Part: 1 of 48

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I had to confess that I did not know.

'Still more romantic! The first rencontre in the train from Paris, the second here. Journeys end in lovers' meetings, is not that the saying?'

'Don't be an ass, Poirot.'

'Yesterday it was Mademoiselle Daubreuil, today it is Mademoiselle - Cinderella! Decidedly you have the heart of a Turk, Hastings! You should establish a harem!'

'It's all very well to rag me. Mademoiselle Daubreuil is a very beautiful girl, and I do admire her immensely - I don't mind admitting it. The other's nothing - I don't suppose I shall ever see her again.'

'You do not propose to see the lady again?'

His last words were almost a question, and I was aware of the sharpness with which he darted a glance at me. And before my eyes, written large in letters of fire, I saw the words 'Hôtel du Phare', and I heard again her voice saying, ' Come and look me up', and my own answering with empressement 'I will.'

I answered Poirot lightly enough:

'She asked me to look her up, but, of course, I shan't.'

'Why "of course"?'

'Well, I don't want to.'

'Mademoiselle Cinderella is staying at the Hôtel d'Angleterre you told me, did you not?'

'No. Hôtel du Phare.'

'True, I forgot.'

A moment's misgiving shot across my mind. Surely I had never mentioned any hotel to Poirot. I looked across at him and felt reassured. He was cutting his bread into neat little squares, completely absorbed in his task. He must have fancied I had told him where the girl was staying.

We had coffee outside facing the sea. Poirot smoked one of his tiny cigarettes, and then drew his watch from his pocket.

'The train to Paris leaves at 2.25,' he observed. 'I should be starting.'

'Paris?' I cried.

'That is what I said, mon ami.'

'You are going to Paris? But why?'

He replied very seriously:

'To look for the murderer of Monsieur Renauld.'

'You think he is in Paris?'

'I am quite certain that he is not. Nevertheless, it is there that I must look for him. You do not understand, but I will explain it all to you in good time. Believe me, this journey to Paris is necessary. I shall not be away long. In all probability I shall return tomorrow. I do not propose that you should accompany me. Remain here and keep an eye on Giraud. Also cultivate the society of Monsieur Renauld fils.'

'That reminds me,' I said. 'I meant to ask you how you knew about those two?'

'Mon ami - I know human nature. Throw together a boy like young Renauld and a beautiful girl like Mademoiselle Marthe and the result is almost inevitable. Then, the quarrel. It was money, or a woman, and, remembering Léonie's description of the lad's anger, I decided on the latter. So I made my guess - and I was right.'

'You already suspected that she loved young Renauld?'


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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