Murder in Three Acts | Chapter 7 of 9 - Part: 1 of 119

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"I see what you mean," said Mr.

Satterthwaite. "And I agree with you. It is a

chance. But all the same, I don't think we

can take it. It is our duty as citizens to report

this discovery of ours to the police at once.

We have no right to withhold it from them."

Sir Charles looked at him quizzically.

"You're the pattern of a good citizen, Satterthwaite. I've no doubt the orthodox thing must be done, but I'm not nearly such

a good citizen as you are. I should have no

scruples in keeping this find to myself for a

day or two--only a day or two, eh? . . . No?

Well, I give in. Let us be pillars of law and


"You see," explained Mr. Satterthwaite, "Johnson is a friend of mine and he was very decent about it all--let us into all the police

were doing: gave us full information and all


"Oh, you're right," sighed Sir Charles.

"Quite right. Only, after all, no one but me

thought of looking under that gas stove. The

idea never occurred to one of those thickheaded

policemen. But have it your own

way. I say, Satterthwaite, where do you think

Ellis is now?"

"I presume," said Mr. Satterthwaite, "that

he got what he wanted. He was paid to

disappear, and he did disappear, most effectually."


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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