Melting Point | Chapter 12 of 23 - Part: 1 of 2

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chapter nine

BRADY’S EYES TURNED MOLTEN with hunger upon hearing Gage’s offer, and Gage stepped forward and took advantage with a kiss, slow, wet, and deep. Brady let out an encouraging moan as Gage swept his tongue with possessive strokes in the heaven of Brady’s mouth. He tasted so good, all man. His man.

Sex for Gage had always been about the present. Who he wanted to get off with now, who could hold his interest long enough to earn a repeat performance. He had enough self-awareness to admit he used sex to soften the occasional bouts of pain and sadness in his life. It felt good, and for a while after, so did he.

But since meeting Brady, Gage had not looked at one other guy with any intimate intent (flirting with Eli Cooper did not count). He could fool himself into thinking that Brady’s resistance had made the chase sweeter and the orgasms a worthy reward. But that wasn’t just it. It might have started as a challenge, then provided a much-needed distraction from the worries over his mom, but now it was this sharp-edged thing that Gage couldn’t imagine recovering from. Intimacy with Brady, while hard-won, was a million times better than his previous bang-and-bolt encounters.

He wanted to take it deeper.

They helped each other strip, not speaking, just letting the moment roll them along. Gage coasted his hand over that broad chest, sculpted, tatted, and heaving. He wanted to soothe Brady, get him used to his touch, because what was coming would be the most connected experience they had shared. He brushed fingertips over Brady’s scars, the rough terrain of a thousand hurts.

Brady sucked in a breath.

“Do you know how sexy you are to me, Brady? How every smile and laugh I win from you feels better than any orgasm you could give me?”

Brady’s eyes flooded with dark emotion. “Sometimes I can’t believe you’re here.”

“Believe, Brady. I’m not going anywhere.”

He maneuvered Brady to the bed and lay down beside him. Then he used his lips and hands to worship this hero’s body. He sucked on his nipples, grazed those bumpy battle wounds, gained his trust with every glance of his lips.

Gage held his palm out to Brady to lick—which he did on a lusty groan—then started stroking his jutting cock. Brady tilted his hips into Gage’s fist.

“Gage . . . need . . . need your mouth.”

Not content to wait for a response, Brady dragged Gage’s mouth to his in a raw, consuming claim. Gage continued with his rough stroke, palming Brady’s hard length, loving the power he felt as it enlarged in his hands.

Gage didn’t bottom much. As in hadn’t done it since experimenting with what he liked in his teens. Giving himself to someone like that implied a depth of connection he had never wanted to indulge. Now he wanted full possession, the kind you get from one man inside another. He wanted to surrender everything to Brady and revel in the glory of Brady taking control by losing it in the best way possible.

Inside Gage.

He took care of sheathing Brady, then pushed him gently to his back. “Think this’ll work better if I’m on top.”

“You don’t want to be . . .” Brady paused. “Fucked from behind?” The way he said that sent Gage’s heart into a lurch.

“Nope. Along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, seeing your face when you come, Chef, is one of my favorite things.”

That drew a laugh from his guy, and Gage leaned down and kissed that rare thing, Brady Smith’s smiling mouth. Better than any orgasm. The kiss tasted different. Joy always did.

The smile melted away as they took the next steps. Gage uncapped the lube and spread it over Brady’s hand. Straddling Brady’s hips, Gage positioned himself for the easiest reach and grasped the headboard for balance. In the glow of the candlelight, Brady’s eyes turned as dark as a pocket as he slid a slippery finger over Gage’s ass, teasing at the entrance. This was the best part, that moment of anticipation when the pleasure ceiling was limitless. Gage trembled with the excitement and—oh fuck, that first touch to his hole made his thighs shake.

“Yeah,” he whispered.

Dreamy possibility turned to ecstatic reality when Brady worked his way in to the first knuckle. Closely followed by the second. Sliding, stroking, stretching.

Those magical digits. Gage had known it would be good, but a five-star chef with the tools of his trade pumping in and out? God, that was amazing. Brady scissored his fingers, getting Gage ready for more, for the girth of Brady’s cock. Twisting his wrist, Brady rubbed against his prostate and Gage’s brain started to splinter.

“Brady, that’s so fucking good.”

“Yeah,” Brady grunted. “You’re—you’re tight.” Anticipatory pleasure joined forces with concern in those words. Brady’s thick erection throbbed against Gage’s thigh, demanding attention, foreshadowing what was to come. “Gage, are you sure you want this? I might hurt you.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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