Melting Point | Chapter 11 of 23 - Part: 1 of 4

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chapter eight

GAGE STRODE TOWARD THE KITCHEN at Smith & Jones, a man on a mission. He’d recruited Javier for spy duty, and the sous chef had just texted to say Brady was currently brandishing both a knife and the chutzpah to think he could work the line tonight. Gage was here to play enforcer.

Close to six in the evening, and the place was already hopping with a mix of fat-walleted professionals, guys with artistic facial hair, and the wanna-be-seen crowd. Before Gage reached his destination, someone called his name.

He turned and got a load of a sharp suit and an even sharper set of blue eyes. Well, hello there, Your Hotness. Eli Cooper, Chicago’s reigning king, sat at a booth with an iPad, a sheaf of paperwork, and a lowball glass of what looked like scotch. Gage walked over, punctuating the short journey with a mock bow.

“Mr. Mayor. Looking as sex-ay as ever.”

Eli sighed. “Dial it down, Simpson, and have a seat.”

Fact: flirting was embedded in Gage’s DNA. Related fact: Eli was a mighty fine property. All dark-haired, suspenders-wearing, powerfully built metrosexual with a jawline that could rip through tin cans. Gage slid into the booth, picked up the mayor’s scotch, and took a sip.

Eli rolled his eyes as if it was a bit they did and Gage laughed. He didn’t even like scotch.

“How’s Alexandra?” the mayor asked. “Destroyed any luxury vehicles lately?”

In-ter-esting. Kinsey had mentioned that Eli and Alex had sparked off each other enough to ignite infernos at city hall. Looked like that smoke was backed up with plenty of fire.

“She’s lining up her next victim. What kind of car do you drive?”

“Something very expensive and armor plated. Though I doubt even that would stop a menace like your sister.” All traces of humor gone, he fixed Gage with those dangerous baby blues. “So, tell me how you’re not going to fuck things up with Brady this time.”

Indignation pitched Gage’s voice in a growl. “And the fault of how it all went south before wouldn’t have anything to do with your pal being a teensy weensy bit impossible?”

“He is quite stubborn,” Eli acknowledged.

“Closed off.”

“A pain in the ass.”

“A royal pain in the ass.”

Eli grinned and Gage returned it. The guy was an asshole, but Gage guessed you needed to be to run a city like Chicago.

“It’s actually going good.”

“Is he sleeping okay?”

No. Brady wasn’t sleeping well, at least not while Gage was there. With his arm wrapped around all those hard muscles, Gage hadn’t slept better in years, but anytime he woke, Brady’s body was stiff, on high alert. Like he was on night watch back in the Marines.

He suspected he knew the answer—to be honest, he wasn’t sure he could handle the answer—but he asked anyway. “Why doesn’t he sleep?”

Eli’s smile faded. “What do you know about what happened to him in Afghanistan?”

“Just what I read online during your last election.” Yeah, it was embarrassing. All Gage knew about Brady’s problems was from the brief news reports during Eli’s first election campaign. Eli, Brady, and two other Marines had been held and tortured for almost a week before they escaped. One of the team didn’t make it.

Eli Cooper had spun it into political gold. Brady had spun it into an excuse to keep everyone—including Gage—at a distance.

The mayor blew out a breath that covered a couple of charged beats. His expression turned raw, a rare behind-the-curtain moment the likes of which he never risked showing his public.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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