MasterHarper of Pern | Chapter 8 of 9 - Part: 1 of 54

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"I know, Rob dear, I know." He could see the tears in her eyes.


"She's my dearest friend. All I can do is be sure she feels no pain."


He nodded acceptance of that, feeling the coldness of grief yet


to come spreading throughout his body.


"You must help her. And Petiron." "Her, yes. Petiron ..."


"He has lived for her, Robinton."


And I never had the chance to live for my Kasia, Robinton thought bitterly.


If he had thought the days after his spouse's death were bad, those he endured while his mother slowly lost all strength, and finally the breath in her body, were worse. Without discussing it, either he or Petiron was with her, Robinton playing her songs, even the humorous setting of "Got into, get out of," which made her smile and even chuckle. Petiron played for her too: music seemed to soothe her.


It was Ginia who roused Robinton from an uneasy sleep before dawn three days later. "The end is near."


He threw on pants and shirt and followed her, filled with dread.


The end was unexpectedly peaceful. He held one of Merelan's hands and Petiron the other, and she managed a feeble smile and a press of her gaunt fingers. Then she sighed, as Kasia had done, and was still. Neither man could move. Neither wished to relinquish the lifeless hand he held.


It was Ginia who gently unwrapped their fingers and laid first one hand, then the other across her frail chest.


Petiron broke first, sobbing bitterly. "How could you leave me, Merelan? How could you leave me?"



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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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