MasterHarper of Pern | Chapter 7 of 9 - Part: 1 of 46

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"Minnarden said he would accompany me, as you'll he otherwise occupied ..." And then Merelan hugged him fiercely.


"She's lovely, your Kasia, and she is besotted with you. You'll be happy, Robie. I know you'll be happy."


"I am already," he said with a silly grin on his face. "And Mother, I have some music I need you to look over."


"You do? Just like old times," she said, waiting as he rummaged in his drawers to find the sonata. "I'm almost jealous that others get


to see your music now before I do."


"I always send--"


"I know you do, lovey, but it was such fun to be the first to---" She had unrolled the score and blinked at the first measures. She read on, and started to hum the opening melody. Cocking her head, she took to walking as she read, sometimes half-singing, sometimes nodding her head to the tempo, her eyes never leaving the page.


While his stomach churned and his heart seemed to be squeezed tight, he watched. Fortunately he had moved into their new quarters on the uppermost level of the Hold, well down the corridors from the rooms the old aunties and uncles occupied. There were two rooms with a small bathing facility in what Kasia called a walk-into closet. So there was space for Merelan to pace from the bedroom door across the wide living area.


Abruptly Merelan paused, gave him a bemused look, then sat herself down on the stool by his gitar stand and, propping up the music and picking up the gitar, she started to play it.


He had arranged it for first fiddle, or a gitar, harp and pipes, with the occasional emphasis of a flat drum. It wasn't that long a piece, for all its three movements. He had not added a fourth, as his father would have done, because he had said, musically, all that he needed to in the allegro, adagio and rondo. A scherzo would have fractured the mood.


When his mother played the final chords, her hands remained motionless on the strings for a long moment. Then she gave a funny little shake as if she'd had a spasm and looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears.


"Oh, Robie, that is the most beautiful thing you've ever written.


Does Kasia like it? For I know you wrote it for her."



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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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