MasterHarper of Pern | Chapter 6 of 9 - Part: 1 of 45

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"I've asked C'gan ..."


"Why him?" F'lon was angry.


"You've just lost your father, man," Robinton said, gripping the rider tightly on the arm. "I could scarcely impose on you ..."


F'lon brushed hair back from his forehead in an irritable gesture and swung this way and that. "It's not as if we were close -weyrbred not taking that much store in relationships - and shards!


But he's messed things up dying like this!"


Whether or not that outburst was F'lon's way of expressing his grief, Robinton was never sure, but the dragonrider was certainly furious. Robinton knew that the young bronze rider had been proud of being the Weyrleader's son. He'd always affected an attitude of disdain for the relationship, but at least he had had one with his father. Robinton envied him that.


"The others are too nervous as it is," F'lon went on savagely, looking every way but at the harper. He kicked at the dirt of the Bowl and kept shaking his head. "I told him he was chancing it with those chest pains. Listen to his son? Oh, no, he knew it all."


In the glowbaskets, Robinton now noticed the wet streaks on F'lon's cheeks and he wished he could find something to say that would ease his loss. There was nothing.


"Oh, go on, Rob. You're safer with C'gan anyway. At least right


now. "


"Keep me posted how things are here, will you, F'lon? I know you can drum."


He gripped the bronze rider's arm in what he hoped expressed his sympathy and regret and then, picking up his carisaks, made his way out of the brightly lit area to the blackness of the Bowl - the silhouetted shape of C'gan's blue Tagath, and the glimmering shine of sad dragon eyes, dotting the wall of the Weyr.





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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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