MasterHarper of Pern | Chapter 3 of 9 - Part: 1 of 45

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"I mean, I've heard third-year apprentices who couldn't sing the Duty Song as well," Merelan said, venting both anger and frustration as she pounded around the room. "Not a note wrong, not even a poorly timed breath. Why, the performance was excellent."


"Petiron said that much, didn't he?" Lorra asked, hoping to soothe the singer.


"Yes, but there was so much more he could have said. Robie sang splendidly, better than a lad of fourteen, and he's barely four Turns! And Petiron acted as if it was no more than he expected of his son."


"Ah!" Lorra pointed a finger at her distraught visitor. "You've said it. He expected such excellence from his own son! If Robie hadn't been as accurate and correct as Petiron expected, then you'd've heard all about it, now wouldn't you?"


Merelan paused in her pacing and stared at the headwoman.


Then, with a rueful laugh, her anger dissipating, she sat herself down in the other comfortable chair, chuckling.


"You're right, of course. If Robie hadn't been note-perfect, he would have had to repeat the Duty Song until he was. Oh, by the first Egg, what am I to do? The boy so much needs, and wants, his father's approval. He's never, never going to get it."


"Shouldn't wonder, since Petiron's shyer about giving credit where it's due than any other harper in the Hall. But," Lorra pointed out, "now you don't have to fret so much about when Petiron finds


out his own son is lengths ahead of him musically."


Merelan shot Lorra a stunned look.


"Oh, c'mon, Merelan," Lorra returned, "you know it yourself.


The boy's already more of a musician than apprentices three times his age. I shouldn't wonder but that he makes journeyman by the time he's sixteen."


"A journeyman has to be eighteen ..." Merelan began in a feeble denial.



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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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