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Chapter Sixteen

My stomach is a ball of nerves. Tonight is our rehearsal dinner and tomorrow our big day. I’ve been stalking the weather channel’s website to make sure tomorrow’s forecast doesn’t change; the last thing we need is rain while we’re getting married on the beach.

Kayden’s mother arrived at our beach house a little over an hour ago, along with tons of other family members. Kayden’s mother, Rebecca, Jax, Ryder and Kylee with their daughter Evelyn are staying at our house.

We didn’t learn until just last week that Ryder and Kylee split up; so now, they are sleeping in separate guest rooms. I feel bad that his girlfriend Harper couldn’t make it. The only good thing is they seem to be getting along well, so I pray there’s no wedding day drama.

My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are staying at my parents’ beach house. Since they’re all staying there, Brooklyn and Dixon are spending the night at our beach house too. All of our other guests have rooms for the weekend at the Hotel Galvez here in Galveston.

We’re doing a practice run down on the beach in fifteen minutes, and then heading to Galvez for dinner with everyone. My mother suggested I get a room at the hotel for the night because it’s supposed to be bad luck to see the Groom before the wedding. But I told her we’ve already discussed it and Kayden is going to stay downstairs in one of our guest rooms, and I’ll sleep up in our master bedroom. We’re going to take extra care to not see each other until the moment I walk down the aisle.

“You ready to head down to the beach?” Kayden asks snaking his arms around my waist and hugging me tightly against his back.

Spinning around, I lace my fingers together behind his neck and lean up on my tippy-toes giving him a short sweet kiss. “Yup, I just gotta get my flip-flops and I’m all set.”

His cologne instantly consumes my senses. It’s the most intoxicating aroma, with a mixture of zesty lemon, cedar, sandalwood, and amber. Every night I sleep in one of his t-shirts and fall asleep with his scent blanketing me.

Walking out onto the deck, I notice it’s packed with our friends and family. We have the newest country hits thumping out of the sound system while everyone’s been spending the afternoon snacking on chips, wings, an assortment of salads, and of course quenching their thirst with a variety of alcoholic drinks. “Y’all ready to head down?” Kayden asks tilting his head down towards the beach.

With our fingers laced together we walk hand in hand down to the beach where the reverend is waiting.

“You nervous yet?” Brooklyn asks, as she trudges through the sand beside me.

I am more nervous than a whore in church! We have over five-hundred guests who’ll be at our reception tomorrow and witness our little surprise we have planned.

Glancing at her momentarily, I drag my eyes back towards the crashing waves. “I’m a tad nervous, but mainly about everything going smoothly. I’m a wreck over our surprise for tomorrow. I swear I’ve played everything over in my head at least a thousand times in the last few hours today.”

Laughing, she bumps her shoulder into mine, “Don’t be nervous, it’s going to be so much fun!”

I give her a weak smile, “I hope so. The last thing I want is to make myself look like an ass at my own wedding!”

Kayden squeezes my hand gently and pulls me against his side as we approach Reverend Gordon, who is waiting for us by the Alter. “Tomorrow is going to be,” bursting with excitement and channeling his inner Barney Stinson, he yells, “legan-wait-for-it-dary baby! I for one cannot wait to surprise the hell outta everyone!”

Shaking my head I smile up at him, “You are a lunatic; I swear you have nerves of steel!

I spot our wedding planner Heather and her assistant Caroline talking with the crew. They are hard at work setting up our wedding alter and all the chairs for tomorrow’s wedding. I am so glad Mya suggested I hire her, because she’s been a God send these last few months. She’s managed to bring the perfect wedding I imagined in my mind to life in a matter of months.

I give her a quick wave as we join the rest of our wedding party. Dixon is Kayden’s best man and the groomsmen are Jax, Braxton, Reagan and Ryder. Dixon’s nephew Toby is our ring bearer and our flower girl is Ryder and Kylee’s daughter Evelyn.

Brooklyn’s my maid of honor and my bridesmaids are Mya, Rebecca, Dixon’s sister Lila, and Kylee. After Mya introduced Kylee to me a few months ago, we have become great friends. She and Ryder live in San Diego, but she comes to Houston all the time to visit her family and she always takes time to contact me for a get-together when she’s in town. I’ve come to look forward to her visits and miss her when she’s away. 

For the actual ceremony here in Galveston, we only have about two hundred guests attending. We tried to keep it to just family and close friends. Then back in Sugar Land we’re having our reception which will have roughly five hundred people attending. Between our family, friends, co-workers and my friends in the music industry, it’s going to be huge. We’ve already had paparazzi popping up throughout the day trying to snap pictures of us at our beach house and of the wedding preparations down on the beach.


Rehearsal went perfectly; the kids did fantastic and were too cute. I thought it’d be harder getting them to cooperate but they rocked it. Fingers crossed it runs as smoothly tomorrow for the real thing.

It’s now my turn, and even though I know it’s only practice, I still get lost in the moment. Seeing Kayden as he’s watching me make my way down to him causes all the air to leave my lungs, and my heart to slam rapidly against my ribs. I take in long sharp breaths as I walk along the white fabric rolled out in front of me. With each step the sand shifts beneath my feet; this is why we picked flip-flops instead of heels.

Stopping beside Kayden, we turn to Reverend Gordon and listen to him go over our ceremony for tomorrow. I don’t know about Kayden, but I’m only half listening. My mind is drifting off as I daydream about our real ceremony tomorrow…at noon I’ll become Mrs. Savannah Knox. It feels as if it’s taken forever to get here, but at the same time it also feels like it’s flying by. It’s the most surreal feeling.

After finishing up our rehearsal, we all head back to the houses to get ready for our rehearsal dinner.

The Hotel Galvez is an upscale Hotel and Restaurant. It was built at the turn of the century and the only structure to survive the hurricane of 1900. It’s one of the few places that still require dress attire, so Kayden decided on a charcoal grey suit. I couldn’t help but smile when I noticed the Longhorn cufflinks I got him last Christmas, and the mint green tie that he was wearing the night of the Envy party last November.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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