Eye of the Beholder | Chapter 11 of 15 - Part: 1 of 6

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Chapter Six




Bo knocked on Rance’s door at seven o’clock sharp. He dressed in his fanciest duds, which wasn’t saying a whole lot. Still, he thought he looked presentable in his dark jeans, white dress shirt and black leather vest.

Rance opened the door and Bo almost fell to his knees.

“Goddamn you’re hot.” No matter what Bo did, he’d never be able to compete with Rance in the looks department. The man was fine with a capital F. Dressed all in black, with a big silver belt buckle, Rance’s clothes definitely drew attention to the large bulge behind the man’s fly. Scarred or not, that dick was something to be proud of.

After settling his black dress Stetson onto his head, Rance leaned in for a kiss. “You look pretty damn good yourself.”

Bo moved even closer, wrapping his arms around his lover. Groin to groin, Bo did a slow slide. “We could always stay in?”

Rance nodded. “Yeah, we could, but I’d kinda like to do a little courtin’ before we jump into bed. Besides, if people see us out and about together maybe it’ll put some of the rumours of me being straight to rest.”

Chuckling, Bo kissed Rance again, this time pushing his tongue in to taste the minty-flavoured toothpaste Rance had obviously just used. “Cattle Valley is a little backward compared to most towns, but I never believed for a second that you were a straight man hiding out in town.”

“Erico’s the one who started the whole damn thing.”

“Why, doesn’t he like you?” Bo asked.

“At one time he liked me a little too much and couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t get into my pants. He figured I must be straight to turn him down.”

Bo placed soft kisses down Rance’s jaw. “His loss.”

“If we don’t get out of here, our first official date will be ruined.”

Before releasing the man in his arms, Bo pressed his face to Rance’s neck and inhaled. The smell was fantastic. Rance mixed with something soft and citrus. “You’ve never worn cologne for me before.”

“Don’t wear it much, draws mosquitoes,” Rance explained in a matter of fact tone.

Bo rolled his eyes and pulled his date out the front door. What a romantic he had on his hands.

Rance opened the driver’s side door and Bo climbed in, sitting in the middle. Once they were both buckled up, Bo captured Rance’s lips in yet another kiss. “You’re addictive.”

“Good. I’m glad you feel that way.” Rance slung his arm across the back of the seat and backed out.

“So, where’re we going?” Bo asked.

“Well I thought you might enjoy a nice steak dinner at the Grizzly Bar. Maybe even take a turn or two around the dance floor while we’re there.”

“Sounds good. I’ve only been there once, and then only for drinks.”

Rance’s hand started playing with Bo’s hair as they made the drive up the mountain. “So when’re you bringing Joey down?”

The question surprised Bo. “Why? Are you looking forward to meeting him?”

“Well sure. I mean, I never thought it would be possible to have a kid, but since I’ve been thinking about it, I’m getting pretty damn excited by the whole idea.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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