Eternity Ring | Chapter 27 of 52 - Part: 1 of 2

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MARK HARLOW TURNED round from the piano.

‘How do you like it?’

Cicely was in front of the fire, standing there in a short brown skirt up to her knees and a high-necked russet jumper. Only the light over the piano was on. Except when the firelight blazed up she was in shadow. Her curls were rumpled. At her feet, as near the fire as he could get, Bramble lay stretched out, his head tilted sideways on one paw, his little crooked black legs straight out behind him like a seal’s flippers. He had had rabbit for his dinner, and slept the deep untroubled sleep of the virtuous and young.

The house round them was quiet. Colonel and Mrs Abbott were having tea at the Vicarage, the one house in the neighbourhood to which he could be lured. The Vicar and he would by now be playing the easy-going brand of chess to which both were addicted. Frank Abbott and Chief Inspector Lamb, after turning up at Miss Vinnie’s cottage, had departed into the blue, taking Miss Silver with them. Cicely had driven herself home to find Mark on the doorstep. Since everyone was making mysteries and practising concealments from which she was excluded, she was a good deal more pleased to see him than she would ordinarily have allowed him to suspect. They had just had tea, and he had been telling her that he was to do the music for Leo Tanfield’s new revue. With illustrations.

Cicely came out of some fastness of her own and said,—‘What?’

‘Darling, how too abrupt!’

‘I wasn’t listening.’

If he was angry he didn’t show it, only smiled and said,

‘Will you listen if I do it again?’

‘All right.’

He did it again. Some brilliant execution, a catch-as-catch-can of sparkling notes, and then one of those half-said, half-sung trifles, cleverly rhymed and accented and not without wit. Melody negligible, performance well up to the mark. He struck a final chord and repeated his ‘Well?’

Cicely said, ‘Slick.’

‘And what do you mean by that, my sweet?’

‘You are not to call me “My sweet”.’

His eyebrows rose.

‘Not even when we’re alone?’

‘Certainly not when we are alone.’

He burst out laughing.

‘It’s all right in front of the assembled parish gossips, but highly improper when it’s just you and me? Funny little thing—aren’t you?’

‘I’m not set on your doing it in front of anybody, but it wouldn’t mean anything if you did.’

‘And it hasn’t to mean anything?’

‘No, Mark.’

He got up from the piano and came over to stand beside her. The lazy teasing note went out of his voice.

‘Look here, Cis, how long is this going to go on?’

‘How long is what going to go on?’

‘This marriage of yours. Why don’t you get out of it?’

‘That’s so easy, isn’t it!’


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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