Enterprise: The First Adventure | Chapter 8 of 22 - Part: 1 of 12

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Chapter 1

COMMANDER SPOCK PAUSED before the cabin of the captain of the starship Enterprise. In eleven years he had never stepped inside this cabin, though he had worked with Christopher Pike more closely than he had worked with any other human being. Pike was a very private man. Mr. Spock approved of the captain’s reserve.

The Vulcan knocked on the cabin door. He expected no answer.

“Come.” The door slid aside.

Spock stood on the threshold. He had not planned what to say.

Pike rested his elbows on his desk and his chin in both fists as he gazed at the crystals that covered the desktop. Of various sizes, various colors, some held static images and some had captured moving scenes. Spock’s keen vision picked out familiar vignettes and landscapes. He had not known that Captain Pike made memory crystals of the worlds his ship visited.

Pike glanced up. His pensive attitude vanished. He waved his hand over the crystals. The images faded. The crystals darkened, then cleared to complete transparency.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Spock.”

“Commodore Pike.”

“Not commodore! Not yet. I’m still a captain till this evening.” Pike swept up the crystals and poured them into a drawstring bag. They clicked and rattled.

“Very well, Captain Pike,” Spock said.

“Ship’s business?”

[22] “No, sir. The Enterprise is prepared for change of command.”

“Good.” He drew the strings tight, tied the bag shut, and tossed it into a nearly empty suitcase. “Not much to show for eleven years, is it?”


“Never mind. I’m just feeling my age.”

Spock considered. Captain Pike had not yet reached fifty earth years of age. On Vulcan, he would still be considered a youth. No doubt he looked forward to his approaching maturity.

“Yes, captain. Congratulations, sir.”


“Yes, sir. On your promotion. On your increased responsibilities.”

“Oh. Right.” He smiled a private smile that did not seem to contain much humor.

Spock did not understand it.

“Did you want to talk to me about something in particular, Mr. Spock?” Pike said.

“Change of command offers little opportunity for conversation, captain. I came to speak to you now ... merely to wish you farewell.”


“Yes,” Spock said. “Words of farewell are perhaps not logical, based as they are in superstition, in wishes for good fortune, but ...” He did not know what else to say. “I have learned much from you, captain.”

“That’s high praise, Mr. Spock,” Captain Pike said. “Thank you.”

“Perhaps we will have the opportunity to work together again, sometime in the future.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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