Don’t Trust Me | Chapter 53 of 60 - Part: 1 of 3

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Chapter 46


I pull together all the diary pages and flick through them, getting a sense of the pattern.

‘OK, here’s how I read it. Emma goes undercover with Biff, working the same group, but they pretend not to know each other. That means the first year or so they only meet in passing when Jacob’s around and save their big get-togethers for reporting to the bosses in London.’

‘That goes with the idea that their managers knew what they were doing.’

‘Or preferred not to ask questions as to how they got their information. Then in November 2009, when Kaitlin is about eighteen months old, Emma’s priorities are shifting from her career to finding a decent place to raise her child. She expresses it as too much nappy washing by hand but I think the double life is tearing her apart. She’s had a kid with a guy she doesn’t like very much, after all.’

‘Would screw anyone up.’

‘So she bolts back to her secret life in London, leaving Jacob high and dry. Biff extricates herself shortly after and helps support Emma. Maybe that was when she quit the police, to do childminding. She probably combined it with teacher training.’

‘Noble of her.’

‘Agreed. I don’t think there was much she wouldn’t do for her BFF. OK, so Emma moves over to a training role in the police, drawing a veil over her own mistakes by not making a song and dance that she has a kid now. She might even have inferred it was Lizzy’s kid if colleagues asked. Biff was no longer in the police, so what would they care? The two conspirators – that’s Emma and


‘Yeah, I am keeping up, Poirot.’

‘I prefer Sherlock – he’s sexier.’

‘Only because you’re in love with Benedict Cumberbatch.’

‘Who isn’t?’ I kiss Drew. ‘Moving on. They seemed to have treated the arrangements for Kaitlin as a joint operation. Anyway, Emma meets Michael while she’s on a training course and, thunderbolt moment, they fall in love. That wasn’t in the plan and would have put Lizzy’s nose well out of joint. Whirlwind romance, marriage, and the rest. Emma’s hardly going to hide the fact she’s got a daughter from Michael, so Lizzy finds she’s being relegated there too.’

‘To what?’

‘An auntie-type figure. Not a co-mother.’

‘Did the house originally belong to Michael or Emma?’ asks Drew.

‘I don’t know. Good question.’

‘I bet Emma and Lizzy bought properties conveniently situated for playing pass-the-kid some time before. Emma’s property would’ve become Michael’s when she died.’

‘Makes sense, Watson. Everything goes up in the air at that point. Lizzy has no legal right to Kaitlin. There’s no father on the birth certificate. Michael’s not the most involved step-parent. So what happened to Kaitlin?’

Drew brushes the hair back from my face. ‘Maybe Emma had distant relatives you don’t know about? They might’ve swooped in and claimed her.’

‘That would’ve really pissed Lizzy off. She’s given up her career to help with the kid and now it’s as if she were no more important than an au pair.’

‘So we’ve got a picture of how that went, but what about Michael? Why’s he run for it now? You know him best: why would he do that?’

‘I can believe he came to blows with Lizzy, but do you know something, I’ve realised the one thing that’s been bothering me. Emma’s cat. Colette.’

Drew shakes his head. ‘A cat? We’re talking domestic abuse, possibly murder, and you circle back to animal welfare.’

I’m pacing with excitement; it’s all falling into place. ‘Michael loves that animal. He would not walk away without making sure she was taken care of – or he’ll sneak back to do so himself.’

Drew takes my shoulders and forces me to face him. ‘Oh God, I know what you are going to say. Jess, stop. This is one of your impulses. You’re coming off your meds and you’re going to be up and down, reckless one moment, zonked out the next.’


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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