Deadly Intent | Chapter 11 of 19 - Part: 1 of 3

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GEORGE WHIRLED AROUND the dance floor with one partner after another—first Linda Ferrare’s cousin, then Jim Parker, and finally a friend Jim had brought with him. Across the room, Bess was also dancing, laughing and clearly making a show of having a wonderful time.

But Nancy’s feet seemed to stick to the floor. Her body barely swayed to the song pulsing in the smoky air.

“Nancy, maybe we ought to call it a night,” Ned shouted over the loud music.

Nodding her head wearily, Nancy stopped dancing. Ned put his arm around her shoulders and guided her off the floor. “I’ll bet Bess doesn’t stay mad at you for more than a few hours,” he consoled her.

Nancy’s glance strayed to Bess and Alan, who were rocking to an old Rolling Stones tune. As if sensing that she was being watched, Bess turned and shot icy daggers with her glance across the crowded room. Then she guided Alan around, leaving Nancy to stare at her back. “I don’t know,” Nancy said glumly. “Besides, it’s not just Bess. It’s Barton and the record pirating and my father going out with Ann Nordquist . . .”

“Look, at this point, you don’t know if Ann Nordquist is anything more than an enthusiastic tourist, right?” Ned asked. “She might not have anything to do with the pirating at all.”

“Maybe not. I mean, she did seem really sweet when I met her, but the Chinese connection is the only plausible link I’ve been able to turn up so far between that wallet I found and the record scam.”

“The key words are ‘so far,’ Nan. You don’t know anything for certain yet. So how about if we head back to the hotel and you try to relax and get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow you’ll have lots of energy. Maybe you’ll be able to crack this case once and for all.”

The corners of Nancy’s mouth turned up for the first time all evening. “Okay, Mom.”

“Just giving you good, sensible advice, my dear,” teased Ned in a high voice.

They got their coats and said their goodbyes, making plans to have breakfast with George the next morning.

“See you in the hotel dining room,” George said as Nancy and Ned were leaving. “And Nancy, don’t get freaked out about Bess. She’ll come around. She loves you to pieces, just like I do.”

Nancy gave George a big hug. “Thanks. You’re the best.”

“Yeah, you’re a good friend,” Ned agreed, giving George an affectionate pat on the back.

“Hey, hey, please. You don’t want me to get a swollen ego, do you?” George winked.

Nancy and Ned headed for the exit. Cool, crisp air greeted Nancy as she stepped outside. She inhaled the night, savoring the relative quiet after the pulsing music and din of voices in the club. The street was dark. Except for a street-lamp down the block, the only source of light was the club’s marquee.

“Something catch your eye?” Ned asked.

“No. Just thinking what this street must look like in the daytime. Pretty dingy, I guess.” Nancy’s eyes slowly gazed up and down the street.

“Yeah, there’s some difference between the junk piled out here and the way the club’s fixed up.” Ned’s hand gently took hold of Nancy’s. “Do you want to walk for a while? It may be seedy down here, but I don’t think it’s dangerous.”

Nancy smiled. Maybe now was a good time for them to work on their relationship. “I’d love a walk with you, Ned. Dangerous or not.”

Ned could feel the sincerity in her words. Slowly he leaned forward to kiss her.

“Ned? Ned Nickerson?” The mood was broken by a short young man who was leaving the club behind them. He rushed up to them, brushing his wavy brown hair out of one eye.

Ned took a hard look at him. “Dave, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Dave Peck. Long time no see, buddy.” Dave stuck out a leather-gloved hand, and Nancy could see a thick gold chain bracelet studded with gems that sparkled under the streetlights.

Ned grasped Dave’s hand in his. “Yes . . . a long time. I guess I didn’t recognize you all . . . all dressed up.”

“Yup. Great new threads, don’t you think?” Dave patted his leather jacket, which was decorated with tucks and folds and numerous zippers. He wore it open, revealing a short, muscular body in a pair of beige slacks and a silk shirt, several of the top buttons open to show off more gold jewelry. On his feet were a pair of green snakeskin cowboy boots.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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