Darkness Awakened | Chapter 35 of 43 - Part: 1 of 3

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Chapter Thirty-Two


Quinn felt a rush of danger so intense he lost focus. Grace’s presence vanished from his mind, leaving him unprotected from the illusions. Grace!

Nate found me. Her voice vibrated with fear, and his body went numb.

Jesus. His knees buckled and he went down hard in the mud. Stay alive, Grace! I’m coming! He lurched to his feet and was up and running before he’d even realized he’d fallen, his heart racing, his head pounding.

The trees blurred as he bolted through the woods, calling upon his preternatural speed as he never had before. Elijahs kept leaping out to stop him. They weren’t glowing anymore, and he didn’t care. He ran right through them, consumed by his fear for Grace, unable to focus on anything other than the gut-wrenching image of Grace at Nate’s mercy. “Grace!” His mouth was dry, his lungs were tight as he ran, blind to the branches whipping across his face. Where are you?

He’s got a knife.

Quinn’s bellow of fury shook the night. He called to the blood bond between them, and instantly knew her precise location. He sent her position to his men and hauled ass toward her, vaulting over rocks and dodging trees, taking out branches with his sword instead of wasting time ducking beneath them. “Grace!”

He crested the last hill and saw Grace and Nate at the base of it. Grace was slumped at his feet, and the blade of his knife glistened in Nate’s hand. Son of a bitch. Was he too late?

I’m okay. Her faint voice touched his mind. I’m here.

Nate looked directly at Quinn, a defiant gleam in his eyes as he grabbed Grace by the hair, jerking her head back and exposing her throat.

“No!” Quinn hurled his sword, and his blade cut through the air as Nate brought his blade down toward her neck. Nate ducked with the lightning quickness of an ancient Calydon. Quinn’s sword flew harmlessly past Nate’s head, but Nate’s quick movement made him miss his target. His knife hit Grace’s stomach instead of her throat.

Grace’s agony hit Quinn so hard he crashed to his knees, his body convulsing from her pain. “Grace!” He leapt to his feet as dozens of Calydons swarmed from the woods, cutting him off from her. Real ones. Not illusions. Warriors keeping him from his woman.

“No!” White hot rage exploded in Quinn’s mind. He recalled his sword and charged into the fray, ripping through the enemy, his sword flying as he fended off attack after attack, not even feeling the pain when their weapons sank into his flesh. “Grace!” His shout was wild, ripping out of his throat.

“Quinn!” Gideon was finally behind him. “Don’t kill Nate! We have to get information from him first!”

Quinn whirled around and slammed his fist into Gideon’s face, then spun back and took out another Calydon. He had to kill Nate. Had to kill Nate.

“Quinn!” Kane’s voice was distant as Quinn continued his annihilation, able to think of nothing but getting to Grace. To kill Nate. “You’re going rogue! Focus, man!”

The words pulsed at Quinn’s subconscious, and he threw them aside. He didn’t want to hear them. Didn’t care. Nate’s death was all he could think about. It was consuming him, black rage savaging his mind and his heart.

The last Calydon fell and Quinn charged for Nate, ignoring all the Elijahs in his way. Nate’s eyes widened as Quinn charged through the illusions. At the last second, Nate dove to the right, and Quinn’s blade sank into Nate’s hip instead of his heart. Quinn ripped his sword free and raised it to plunge the fatal blow, then Gideon tackled him, taking them both down. “Come on, man! Give us two minutes to get answers out of him!”

Quinn brought his blade down onto Gideon’s throat with so much force that he shattered Gideon’s throwing axe when Gideon flung it up to block the blow. “Get out of my way, Gideon!”

Something careened into the side of Quinn’s head and he fell as Kane’s flail dropped to the earth next to him. Quinn grabbed the flail and hurled it back. Kane ducked as it whizzed past his head and embedded itself in a tree.

Quinn spun back to Nate with his sword, then froze mid-swing when he saw Grace had crawled in front of Nate, clutching her hands to her stomach.

“Don’t do it,” she whispered, her voice ragged. “We need to find Ana. Your weapon. The tablet. Only Nate has answers. Don’t kill him.”

But Quinn couldn’t stop. He couldn’t stop replaying the moment when Nate’s knife had sank into her body. Nate had to die. There was no other way. Quinn raised his sword to plunge it for the final blow, and she held out her hand and called his sword out of his hand.

It plunged into the flat of her palm with a smack and she held it up, tears streaming down her face. “I can’t let you do it. Don’t you see? It’s the bond. Destroying everything we care about. Killing Nate makes us lose it all. You have to stop,” she shouted. “God, Quinn, stop.”

Quinn heard Gideon and Kane trying to stagger to their feet behind him, their weapons out and suddenly he knew. This was their moment. This was their destiny.

“I love you,” she whispered. “Please don’t make me kill you.”

His heart beat for her, and he felt a flicker of humanity inside him, of hope.

Then Nate moved and his knife flashed as it headed toward Grace’s neck. With a howl, Quinn called his sword back from her to take the final step toward their destiny.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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