Charmed and Dangerous: The Clique Prequel | Chapter 6 of 30 - Part: 1 of 3

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Friday, December 31st
6:01 P.M.

“Bonne annéeeeeee!” Kendra Block trilled into the phone with gushing enthusiasm.

“Happy New Year, darling!” Massie’s father added over swirling laughter, clinking champagne flutes, and strains of “Auld Lang Syne.” “We love you!”

“I love you tooooo!” Massie shouted back. But from the stillness of her crisp navy blue and white bedroom those words sounded hollow, lonely, forced; like whoo-hooing on a private riding trail after a blanketing snowfall.

She eyed the swamp green screen on her Motorola flip phone.

Was it really midnight in Paris?

It was like her mom and dad had ridden a time machine six hours into the future. Even though they were parents, Massie envied them. They already knew whether their night was magical: whether their outfits would inspire copycats… whether their jokes were LOL-worthy… whether their conversation topics were charming… whether their New Year’s Eve story had a happy ending… whether—

“Where are you?” Kendra asked, oozing giddiness.

“M’room.” Massie plopped onto the edge of her navy duvet and flexed her toes. Was silver polish fun or done? Class or crass? Mature or manure? Gawd, if only there was some kind of list that told girls what was in and what was out….

“Open your door.” Kendra giggled.

“Huh? Why?”

“Go!” Kendra insisted with mock frustration.

Massie slid off the edge of her bed, her gold silk kimono sparking and snapping with static electricity.

“Does she like it?” William asked in the background.

“Shhhhh,” Kendra hissed. “She hasn’t seen it yet.”

Massie squeaked with burst-at-the-seams impatience.

“Is the door open? Are you there yet?” Kendra asked.

“Almost.” Massie padded across the white wool rug, heart revving. Was it the tiny black pug she had been begging for? Oh, puh-leaase make it the tiny black pug she had been begging for! With a big red bow atop her mini head and a diamond anklet with a bone charm. That would semi-make up for her mother’s holiday “surprise” where she’d transformed Massie’s three-shades-of-pink boudoir into a showroom for Tommy Hilfiger. Blue, red, and white everything. It put the nawt in nautical. But she decided to put up with it because the decorator assured her it was “fresh” and Massie’s best friends agreed.

“Okay, I’m here.” She gripped the brass anchor–shaped doorknob.

“Yayyyyyyyyy!” screeched Kendra. “Openit! Openit! Openit!”

Turning the anchor slowly, so as not to startle the pup, Massie cracked the door and peered out. Expecting a nose full of new-puppy smell, she inhaled deeply. All she got was the sharp floral scent of Crabtree & Evelyn’s Spring Rain home spray, her mom’s favorite.

Massie lowered her gaze, ready to make contact with a pair of moist black eyes. Eyes that would pulsate hearts for her new master and—

“Ew!” she blurted at the sudden appearance of a woman’s bare feet. Size nine. Calloused. Dry. Neglected.

A plaid flannel nightgown skimmed the woman’s ankles and tented her stocky body. Strands of long black hair, freed from their tight bun but contorted from hours of captivity, clung to the glistening Pond’s cold cream slathered on the side of her face.


“Happy New Year.” She held a Tiffany box in her palm and smiled warmly.

Ignoring the housekeeper, Massie peered left, then right. Was the pug hiding? Was she part two of her parents’ guilt gift? Was the blue box a red herring?

But, as usual, nothing in the hallway seemed out of place. The only panting came from Inez, who must have been instructed to run up the winding staircase before Massie opened the door.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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