Charmed and Dangerous: The Clique Prequel | Chapter 22 of 30 - Part: 1 of 2

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Friday, December 31st
11:07 P.M.

The line outside Hermia’s tent was still Harry Potter–long. And judging by the lack of wedding rings, most of those women wanted the psychic to promise them princes. But not Massie. She wanted to be queen.

Like last time, she raced to the front of the line with urgency, as if carrying a life-or-death message for Hermia—which she kind of was. Only the “life” part of the message had to do with Massie’s social life. And the “death” part referred to its current state. She was officially friendless on the biggest night of the year, and would stay that way unless Hermia told her exactly what she needed to do to become a true leader. And this time, she refused to take “figure it out yourself” for an answer.

“Where do you think you’re going?” slurred a woman wrapped in a baby blue pashmina.

“It’s not decent to cut!” called some mom who obviously mistook Massie for someone who cared.

A few other comments whizzed by like music from a passing car. But Massie tuned them out. MylifeisruinedMylifeisruinedMylifeisruined

was all she heard.

“I have no friends, thanks to you!” she shouted, storming into the Moroccan pillow–filled tent. “You’re a real psychic like Dr. Dre is a real MD.”

Hermia opened her gold-dusted lids as if woken from a nap. “You again?” She released her client’s hand.

The chai smell had been overpowered by a nauseating mix of holiday perfumes.

“Do you need a minute with your daughter?” asked a familiar-looking woman, blowing into a tissue.

“My daughter

?” scoffed Hermia.

“Oh, I remember you,” Massie blurted, taking in the woman’s red nose and lap full of crumpled pink Puffs tissues. “You’re the one who likes Rick.”


she quickly corrected. “After you told me he was here, I went out to find him and he was gone

. He couldn’t wait five minutes for me.”

Massie paced across the dusty Oriental rugs, shaking her head as if horrified by the nerve of it all.

“I told you.” Hermia sat back on her stack of pillows and ran a hand through her vibrant red hair. “Rick is still with his wife. And he is staying with her. You need to move on.”

“I know.” Jenna blew into a pink Puffs. “I know.”

“Are you really gonna listen to her?” Massie snapped, remembering her own crisis. “Thanks to her ‘advice,’ I have no friends, no bracelet, and no hope.” She slammed the purple stone on the scarf-wrapped table. “Take it. It doesn’t work.”

“I meant what I said,” Hermia insisted. “The five pieces will be joined at midnight.” She checked her cell phone. “And it’s almost midnight. So you better go.”

“Where am I supposed to go

?” Massie’s throat locked.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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