After the Sunset | Chapter 3 of 18 - Part: 1 of 11

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Chapter 2




THERE were two new cars in the driveway when I pulled up to the house, so I was wondering who was there as I grabbed my groceries and went up to the porch. As I reached for the screen door, the front door opened. There was a man in my house I had never seen in my life, and he was talking to someone over his shoulder, so he didn’t immediately see me.

“Knock it off, Gin,” he laughed, shaking his head. “I don’t care what anybody says. Rand Holloway being gay is a buncha shit. That man nailed more—”


He laughed at whoever Gin was as he pushed open the screen door making me back up.

“Excuse me.”

His head swiveled to me and his eyes, brilliant and blue, widened. “Oh shit, man, I’m sorry. I didn’t see…. Sorry.” He winced, apologizing, easing the door closed so it didn’t hit me.

I stepped sideways and plastered on a big smile as he cracked the screen door again.

“Let’s try this again, huh?”

As soon as I was bracing the door open, he leaned back and extended his hand to me.

“I’m Glenn Holloway, Rand’s cousin. I suppose he forgot to tell you that we were coming as well.”

“Who else did he forget to tell,” I asked, after clearing my throat.

“You and every other hand on this ranch.” He smiled sheepishly, raking his fingers through the same glossy black hair that Rand had. His hair was shorter than Rand’s, but just as thick. “We’re all leavin’ day after tomorrow for my brother Zach’s ranch, but ’til then, we’re stayin’ here.”


“Are you the cook?”

The cook?

“Do you have a room here or in the bunkhouse?”

“Unfortunately, I’m not the cook.” I forced a smile. “Excuse me, can I…?”

“Oh yeah, sorry, where are my manners?”

I could venture a guess.

As I stepped into the great room, I saw another man and two women. The television was on, and it looked like they had made themselves comfortable with chips and salsa and margaritas. There was a pitcher on the coffee table as well as a bowl with salt on it and wedges of limes.

“Hi there.” One of the women smiled wide, standing up as I moved across the room to her. “I’m Ginger Holloway, that guy’s cousin,” she said, tipping her head back toward the door where Glenn was. “And this here is my brother Brent and his girlfriend Emily.”

“I’m Stefan,” I told her, offering her my hand.

“Well, it’s a pleasure,” she told me, taking my hand and squeezing tight.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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